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Int/Adv Acro Club (18+ with exceptions + by application)

$265 Purchase required to enroll
Level: Intermediate / Advanced
By application (see below)

Sundays from 6:30-8:30pm starting September 17 and ending December 17

This is not a class, so much as a gathering of compatibly skilled acrobats - given this, we require an interest form to make sure it will be a good fit for you to join. Students are expected to be able to accurately self assess their abilities in order to maintain a comfortable level of risk management for all. Students should come with moves they are actively looking to work on and develop vs. looking for a teacher or facilitator to teach them things. Pre-requisites to submitting the interest form: 30 second handstand with acrobatic form (free or spotted), comfort basing and/or flying two high with multiple entrances and exits, experience with L basing, banquine basics, and counter balances. If you are interested in joining in, please fill out the interest form here. If you are seeking a time to do acrobatics but this is not the right fit, we encourage you to come to handstands, tumbling, or ground skills classes which will all have acrobatic components. We hope to add an intro and beginner/intermediate acro time in the future - we appreciate your patience.

Ilana Blankman will be present at the following classes: 9/17, 10/8, 12/10
(Please note that this class starts September 17!)