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Contortion with Cirque Us (12+)

$20 per class No purchase required to enroll
This workshop, taught by Tyler Jacobson, will focus on the fundamentals of responsible contortion training. Please note the pre-requisites, they are not negotiable for this workshop. Ages 12* and up.

Prerequisites for this class include being close to a split (hips less than 6" from the ground preferred), touching toes in pike, and the ability to comfortably hold a bridge for at least 15 seconds. A 30-second handstand hold against a wall is also recommended.

The first half of the workshop will explain how to safely develop leg and back flexibility; the second half will focus on the technical cues needed to develop classic contortion positions. Skills covered in this workshop may include oversplits, needle scales, chest stands, and contortion handstands/elbowstands.

*This workshops is focused towards mature and focused learners who are serious about contortion and willing to go at the pace of the instructor.