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Intermediate Fabric

$20 per class No purchase required to enroll
Summer classes will be offered in a drop in workshop style, with a different focus each week: Please see the below for each week's theme.

Pre-requisite: Comfort with foot knots, hip keys, climbing, and basic inversion shapes from the ground.
Age: 10 through adult (summer classes are mixed age!)


7/11 Climbs! - All about introducing and refining new methods of climbing like Bicycle, russian flirt, russian punch, and foot lock climb.

7/18 Intro to unwinding drops - focus on star drops and related wraps for drops that unwind.

7/25 Intro to rotational drops - focus on 360 rotational drops, tiktok, pi drop, and more.

8/1 Foot knots - Deep dive into different methods of tying foot knots (dancer, reverse, over under), and various tricks in foot knot.