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Levels Guide


In general, Circus Culture separates classes by age to ensure support for students at different level of development in partnership with creating a supportive environment where youth, teens, and adults can let loose and feel as safe as possible with their peers. We also truly value multigenerational learning, and aim to create contexts for this whenever appropriate. Occasionally, we make age exceptions - please contact us if you have a question about age ranges or wish for us to consider making an exception to the listed age for a class.


Our classes aim to be structured around thematic learning, and every teacher has their own unique style which you can read about here. Many classes are inclusive of two of the levels below. If you are not sure what the right fit is, please contact us at info@circusculture.org. We may contact you if we feel that a different class would be a more appropriate fit and work with you to find this.

FOR ALL: If classes designated for all are designed to welcome new and returning students.

INTRO: Intro level courses are designed for people who have never done that particular skill before, or who want to start from the beginning again.

BEGINNER: Beginner students at Circus Culture are NOT new to circus training! They have taken at least one session of circus classes in their discipline and have a framework for understanding the basic skills involved, including a desire to retain the patterning of fundamental poses and shapes and executing them safely. Students have a curiosity about the theoretical context of what they are learning and are new to connecting movements together.

INTERMEDIATE: Intermediate students have at least one year of experience in the chosen discipline/s, and have strong motivation to develop skills, retain patterns, and connect with both the theory and practice of their discipline. They have a strong vocabulary that includes both skills and sequences that connect movements and are interested in being both creative and technical.

ADVANCED: Advanced students have a clear self assessment about what types of risks are appropriate for their skill level, strong vocabulary, theoretical understanding of the class material, and the mental and/or physical stamina and focus to participate through the entire class time. Many students who meet the "advanced" criteria above enjoy classes that are labeled beg/int and we love that!

MIXED LEVEL: Mixed level classes are designed for student who already have experience but are appropriate for those who are either beginner, intermediate, or advanced. Students who are completely new to the class subject should not take a mixed level class as a baseline vocabulary is necessary for a positive experience.

PLEASE NOTE: Students who see themselves as having circus adjacent skills such as dance and gymnastics but are new to circus patterns and pedagogy should still start at the "intro" level.


There are so many circus disciplines that often we rotate which classes are available in a given session. This is based on a myriad of factors, including space, staff, and student demand. If you are interested in something we don’t have on offer right now, let us know!

We offer classes in “sessions” because it is the best fit for our studio holistically. There are no drop in classes at this time, however during the session we may extend invitations for drop in open practice.

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